Misery, Be Warned

The streets are filled with rubble 
From some forgotten war 
They’d like to fight it all again 
But we can’t take it anymore 

Oh, misery be warned 
There’s only so much can be borne

Christopher Cook – guitar and vocals…

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Chimney Swifts

Click the picture to hear Chris play Chimney Swifts.

Afraid of the Crowd

It seems like I’ve lived the time that you’ve lived 
But everyone sees a different world 

And I know that you’ve been with artless travelers 
Who unravel the wonder and take the stars out of the eyes 
Of the sweetest

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Lost in a House

"It’s a rich and beautiful world 
So much to see when you travel about 
But when you’re a lonely girl 
You can get lost in a house"

Click the picture to play...

Christopher Cook, guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose, vocals…

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The Firefly and the Cigarette

On the porch, the fireflies 
Gather ‘round the glow of your cigarette 
Sittin’ out in the evenin’ time 
‘Cause the house ain’t cooled off yet

Christopher Cook, guitar and vocals
Emmy Rose, harmonium
Gracin Dorsey, cello

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The Wild Cathedral Bells

In the courtyard the tables are turned on their sides for the winter…

Click the photo to play Wild Cathedral Bells

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals. Emmy Rose on harmonium and vocals. 
Ollin Chavez – violin. Marjorie Gonzales Chavez…

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You Can Hear Me There

I was born at sea
I'm not really from anywhere
But when I dwell near thee
I know you can hear me there

click the picture to play "You Can Hear Me There"

Christopher Cook - guitar and vocals

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The Black Hummingbird

We must go to South America
The flowers are dropping from the vine
We will gather in the air tonight…

Christopher Cook guitar, Emmy Rose vocals, Davie Peck harmonium

←- Click image to play The Black Hummingbird


Bone Dry

I used to swim in a creek, 
throw a bucket down a well
Now all I have is a small canteen
for this trip through hell

←- Click to play Bone Dry

Christopher Cook on guitar and vocals. Emmy Rose…

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Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen, are the roses still sweet - 
That we passed on our way as we walked to the bay
Down at the end of the windy street?

Emmy Rose - vocals, Christopher Cook - guitar, Ollin Chavez – violin…

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Honey from Dried Grass

The bees search the hillsides 
for the sweetest drops of dew
They find them in the footprints
left there by you

Christopher on guitar and vocals,
Emmy Rose on vocals,
Gracin Dorsey on cello,
Davie Peck on harmonium 

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A Dream Up There

I was givin’ up and runnin’ 
Just wanted some time to live without care 
I never saw you comin’ 
I thought that you 
Were just a dream up there

Christopher Cook – guitar and vocals 
Emmy Rose – vocals and…

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